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VITA Success Story: "I Never Thought that I Would be Excited to Come to School and Learn."

Student Elizabeth Burruss attended the High School Equivalency Test Prep program at the VITA Opelousas Campus and passed her HiSET in May 2019.

My name is Elizabeth Burruss. I am 26 years old. I started the VITA program in October of 2018. I have tried other adult education programs in the past, but they just never met my learning needs. I was very discouraged when I first started because my math was my worst subject. I didn’t even know how to multiply or divide large numbers or fractions. That all change the day I walked into Mr. Howard Kennerson’s class.

I want to express my appreciation for all the guidance, patience, respect and dedication to all of his students. From the second I walked in class, he made me feel welcomed and comfortable. Being in the program, I got to take in my surroundings and observe my learning environment.

Mr. Kennerson has made a significant impact on my life in just six months. He is very patient and attentive to each of his students’ learning needs. He always has a positive attitude and motivates you to do your absolute best at all times. I really admire his commitment to be able to give genuine and sincere advice when we need it.

Mr. Kennerson will help you see the positive in a bad situation. Little things like that make a big difference in peoples’ lives. I never thought that I would be excited to come to school and learn. Mr. Kennerson gave me the confidence that I needed to decide to enroll in nursing school.

Thank you, Mr. Kennerson, for all the knowledge, life skills, encouragement and motivation you have instilled in me. I will forever be grateful.

Elizabeth Burruss, VITA Graduate

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